Subject: patch-xy for given xy assigned to specific source for life
To: Robert T. Retzlaff <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/08/2003 15:19:56
On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Robert T. Retzlaff wrote:

> Revert:
>  That's the wrong naming convention - patch-xy for any particular
>  xy is assigned to a particular source file for life.   They don't
>  get squashed back to aa ab ..., ever.
> Make patch-aa -> patch-ae.

	I think that is a nice idea, but only if we use a deterministic
	method for mapping patch filenames to real filenames, such as
	"convert ', to ',,' then '/' to ','", which for hylafax would
		work/.../		patches/
		work/.../		patches/
		work/.../config/	patches/config,
		work/.../config/skel		patches/config,skel
		work/.../configure		patches/configure
		work/.../		patches/
		work/.../etc/	patches/etc,
		work/.../etc/	patches/etc,
		work/.../etc/	patches/etc,
		work/.../faxd/FaxModem.c++	patches/faxd,FaxModem.c++
		work/.../faxd/FaxModem.h	patches/faxd,FaxModem.h
		work/.../faxd/Getty.c++		patches/faxd,Getty.c++
		work/.../faxd/UUCPLock.c++	patches/faxd,UUCPLock.c++
		work/.../faxd/faxGettyApp.c++	patches/faxd,faxGettyApp.c++
		work/.../hfaxd/User.c++		patches/hfaxd,User.c++
		work/.../util/	patches/util,
		work/.../util/	patches/util,

	Obviously we would need to teach mkpatches about this.

	Personally I would prefer to see us put all patches in one file
	and then have good tools for splitting and unsplitting that file and
	comparing current contents with arbitrary revisions in CVS. That
	should actually makes things _easier_ than now.

	David/absolute          -- No hype required --