Subject: Re: pre-installation requirements
To: Klaus Heinz <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/06/2003 09:19:16
On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Klaus Heinz wrote:

> how would I go about informing the users about some actions they are
> supposed to take _before_ upgrading a particular package to the current
> version? They should run a program from the old package before
> installing and using the new package.
> All I could think of is a small HEADER fragment with a PRE-INSTALL
> clause:
>   case ${STAGE} in
>           ${ECHO} important message
>           sleep 10

Do you have a particular example?

Maybe it would be okay to just run the command.

Displaying a message wouldn't work often, because, especially when
downloading packages and installing several packages at once, most people
don't wait around to read the messages.

   Jeremy C. Reed