Subject: pkg_add failed under Solaris 2.7: wrong tar command called.
To: NetBSD tech-pkg mailing-list <>
From: Pierre Bourgin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/06/2003 11:09:14

I've just built bootstrap-pkgsrc-20030924 under Solaris-2.7/sparc: the
build is fine, but once installed, the command /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_add
misteriously failed to add packages.

In fact, this is because uses the wrong tar command: instead of using
/usr/pkg/bin/tar, it's using 'tar' from $PATH environnment: in my case,
it will use solaris tar (/usr/bin/tar) instead of /usr/pkg/bin/tar
because my $PATH is something like "/usr/bin:/usr/pkg/bin" (in that order).

Of course, I don't want to modify the way I constructed the $PATH
variable, because this is a solaris related development software server
    and its environment must as closer as possible to solaris poor tools ;-)

Please read PR pkg/23070 for this problem and a proposed patch.


Pierre Bourgin