Subject: Re: libXinerama and libxkb{file,ui}, et al, lossage
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Nate Hill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/05/2003 12:13:59
On Sun October 5 2003 03:50, Charles M. Hannum wrote:
> So, we currently do not install .so versions of several X
> libraries, including libXinerama and libxkbfile.  This causes
> libtool, when linking various plugin modules in KDE, xine, and
> other places, to fail to make those plugins into .so files, and
> therefore they do not get loaded by the normal plugin loaders.

I've experienced this first hand. The Kopete build was completely 
broken because of a static-only libXss

> This has caused a variety of breakage.  For example, the keyboard
> control panel in KDE doesn't work.  There is a hack to disable
> Xinerama support completely in QT3 because it doesn't work.  IIRC,
> similar lossage has caused DGA support to fail in other apps.

See above.

> There is no reasonable way to fix this other than to build shared
> versions of the libraries, because the plugins just simply need
> them. RedHat and Solaris both install .so versions of all the
> libraries -- and consequently, they do not have these problems.

I'm not entirely sure of the best way to fix this problem. Basically, 
these libraries need to be linkable by packages. I guess shared 
versions is the easiest way, mabye someone else has a better 

> Losing like this is not a viable option.  I'm tired of this
> bullshit. Therefore, I am going to make our X build compile and
> install:
>				(see tech-pkg circa 2003/04/15)
>				(see PR 20046)


> libXxf86{dga,misc,vm}.so		(see tech-pkg circa 2001/08/16)
> libxkb{file,ui}.so			(see tech-pkg circa 2003/04/15)
> I'm still waffling on whether I want to deal with the following,
> since they're not currently active problems:
> libFS
> libGLw
> libXRes
> libXdmcp
> libXfontcache
> libfntstubs
> libfontenc
> libxf86config
> This change will have some direct impact on pkgsrc, in particular
> in the form of PLIST changes.

I can also remove `ac_cv_lib_Xss_XScreenSaverQueryInfo="no"` from at 
least one package.