Subject: Re: Trying pkgsrc on Solaris 8/sparc
To: None <>
From: Dima Veselov <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/05/2003 04:11:28
Hi, Grant!

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 08:48:24PM +1000, grant beattie wrote:

> > I suspect you'll have to trudge through the code to figure out what's
> > going on - I don't have any great ideas off the top of my head. maybe
> > someone who knows the perl configure stuff can lend a clue?

> hmm, it seems to use an 'interesting' test in hints/,
> circa line 228. it assumes GNU ld if neither of the strings:
> 	/usr/ccs/bin/ld
> 	ld: Software Generation Utilities
> are found in "gcc -v -o ..." output. what does "ld -V" report on
> your system?

[root@ perl5]$ /usr/ccs/bin/ld -V
ld: Solaris Link Editors: 5.8-1.272

:) Nice configure perl have. But one thing I couldn't understand:
how pkgsrc/lang/perl5 works for other people on Solaris boxes?

> you can probably run some tests using the block of shell script in
> hints/ to isolate what is going wrong. please let me know
> what you find :)

I read deep into hints/ and found this lines.

As I already said ld says "ld: Solaris Link Editors: 5.8-1.272" and as I tried
`gcc -v -o` I found gcc never tell us where ld was found. So, configure fails 
to determine ld properly. 

So, I got it, now I fixed hints/ file. It is compiling now.

But the problem persists - how this problem should be defeated in the future?
I mean it is possible that someone would have this problem with pkgsrc..
More than that - pkgsrc/gcc-2.95.3 output is the same.

In the comments in hints/ I found words
	# All Solaris versions of ld I've seen contain the magic
	# string used in the grep.                    

I checked other Solaris boxes and they all really have these magic words, so 
I think we should write to Lupe Christoph, or someone else to add 
"Solaris Link Editors" as another magic phrase.

Thinking about difference between this Solaris box and other Solaris systems
I decided it happens because my Solaris is 64-bit. What do you think about it?

Sincerelly yours