Subject: Re: prefer pkgsrc over base system (and force depends)
To: None <>
From: William Allen Simpson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/03/2003 09:03:50
"Jeremy C. Reed" wrote:
> I'd like a variable, maybe called PREFER_PKGSRC, that would be used for:
> - any time a buildlink is used, then skip any checks for native versions
>   of the installed software -- and always use the pkgsrc equivalent;
Yes, but I'd do it with a pkg_add option, instead.  

I was thinking of -C, mnemonic for "compile" or "current".

> - then would always set up the DEPENDS (@pkgdep and +REQUIRED_BY)
>   correctly.
> This would be useful for a few reasons:
> - ignore possibly insecure or out-of-date native software;
> - later can remove native software that is out-of-date or insecure
>   (without breaking pkgsrc that may depend on it);
That is the reason that I joined this list! 

I want src build tree to use packages for many/most utilities. 

> - known behaviour;
> - any dependency checks looking in LOCALBASE (i.e. /usr) will be
>   registered (+REQUIRED_BY for example).
> Any thoughts?
> Can this already be done?
I'm slowly working in this direction (as mentioned on the current users 
list).  But, I thought it would be a good idea to also transparently 
handle existing pre-compiled binaries, also with the src build tree.

I see these as going hand-in-hand.
William Allen Simpson
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