Subject: Re: solaris8 and graphics/xpm
To: MLH <>
From: Rob Quinn <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/01/2003 16:03:17
> Any ideas on how to build graphics/xpm under Solaris8 with bootstrap-pkgsrc?
> ...
> XCreatePixmap                       0x14        CrPFrI.o
> <unknown>                           0x34        RdFToBuf.o
> <unknown>                           0x48        RdFToBuf.o

 This looks similar to my open PR pkg/21943.  If you scroll up above those
errors, do you see a lot of non-fatal "gcc: unrecognized option `-Kpic'"
messages?  If so, edit all of the Makefile's and change '-Kpic' to '-fPIC', and
then re-bmake.