Subject: Re: tracking freebsd/openbsd pkg_?
To: None <>
From: William Allen Simpson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/27/2003 19:49:43
I didn't realize that asking about tracking other distributions would 
cause such skepticism and hostility.

Juan RP wrote:
> I just read your PR and I was searching your patch, but I can't find anything.
Now, that's just silly!  It says: [RFE].  (That means "request for 
enhancement".)  I waited (a long time) for a response from those 

When I'm done finding out who's writing the code, and the code is 
written and thoroughly tested, then it will have a patch. 

I've always found it best to discuss first, write code when the target 
specification is well-understood, and document in tandem with coding. 

> BTW have you tried:
> $ export
> PKG_PATH=<your_version>/<your_arch>/
> And later:
> $ pkg_add <your_package>
Gosh, exactly where do you find that in the documentation?!?!  Not in:

> Yeah, FreeBSD has the '-r' option ... but we have the same using PKG_PATH more
> or less.
I'm not big on "more or less" nee "quick and dirty". 

"Jeremy C. Reed" wrote:
> I um unclear how "pkg_add <package>" does not work for you. Your PR didn't
> show how to repeat it.
Install a fresh -current, then:  
  dreamer: {2} su
  dreamer: {1} pkg_add screen
  pkg_add: no pkg found for 'screen', sorry.
  dreamer: {2} pkg_add misc/screen
  pkg_add: no pkg found for 'misc/screen', sorry.

> I have used that hundreds (thousands?) of times to quickly install
> packages from NetBSD's (and others') FTP servers.
Hmmm, doesn't work today -- didn't in June, either.

> Did you set the PKG_PATH in your environment?
> I do agree that it would be nice to do the -r switch that FreeBSD has (to
> automatically do that part). This would be very easy to code. Any takers?
Well, that's why I asked whether somebody else was tracking freebsd or 
openbsd.  I'll start work on it for pkg_add tonight.

> Also, the fix mentioned in your PR is a little difficult. pkgsrc is made
> to work together. You can't update one pkgsrc category's package and
> expect it to work. Because it may depend on code from other packages.
That's why the dependencies are (should be) specified.

> > I know that others have this capability, so I thought I'd take a look,
> > assuming I'm not tromping in somebody here's territory.  So, I asked.
> Do you have any specific examples?
Oh, freebsd, openbsd, debian, redhat, yellowdog.  Just folks with bigger 
mind-share and better ease of use....
William Allen Simpson
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