Subject: Re: man pages, compressed with .gz, not in PLIST
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Michael South <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/24/2003 00:54:46
On 09/22/2003, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
>> I see "Compressing manual pages for ..." and my man pages are gzipped.
>> Any idea why it would have ".gz.gz"?
>> My MANZ is 1 and MANCOMPRESSED appears to be empty.
> I had some extra mk files in /usr/share/mk. One had MANZ=1 and I removed
> those extra files and now MANZ is 0.
> It works correctly now. It doesn't not gzip the man pages. And the PLISTs
> are correct.
> Can someone explain this MANZ?
> What if I do want the man pages gzipped?
> My _OPSYS_HAS_MANZ defaults to "no". Maybe that's why the it was broken
> before -- I guess the _MANZ_NAWK_CMD is broken.

You're running Linux, SunOS, or Irix? _OPSYS_HAS_MANZ is defined in 
pkgsrc/mk/; "yes" means "this OS can read compressed 
manpages." MANZ is defined in /etc/mk.conf; if defined it means "I want 
my manpages to actually be compressed." There's a bug in 
pkgsrc/mk/ If MANZ is defined and _OPSYS_HAS_MANZ is "no", 
you wind up with ".gz.gz". Also, the code that decides whether to 
compress a manpage doesn't exactly match that which modifies the PLIST. 
I've got a version that fixes this and other bugs; it needs a regression 
test to make sure it doesn't break any platforms.

If you can actually read compressed manpages, change _OPSYS_HAS_MANZ to 
"yes" in, and add "MANZ= 1" to mk.conf.


Michael South