Subject: Re: I want X clients to install under X11BASE
To: None <>
From: Adam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/24/2003 09:18:14
> I asked last month about why I see some window managers not installing
> under X11BASE. (It appears like the tech-pkg archive still has not been
> fixed and is missing that thread.) I believe my question prompted
> improvements to Packages.txt.
> The doc now says "Usually, X11 packages should be installed under
> LOCALBASE whenever possible."
> I'd like to do the oppposite.
> Is there any pkgsrc-wide option I can set in my /etc/mk.conf to make
> packages that have USE_X11 defined (like wm/icewm) to install under my
> X11BASE?
> I'd like my X clients to all install under X11BASE (which is /usr/X11R6).

I strongly disagree.  I would like my packages installed as far away
 from X11R6 as possible.

Hey, you can always change LOCALBASE. :)

	kind regards

		- Adam