Subject: Freetype dependents
To: None <>
From: Bruce J.A. Nourish <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/21/2003 19:20:03
Hey everyone,

I know this issue has been raised and allegedly dealt with elsewhere,
but, as far as I can make out, the fix (updating pkgsrc/) doesn't do 
it for me.

Basically, I'm building KDE on my shiny new current system, (on my shiny 
new hard-drive), and every build that uses freetype bombs with:

/usr/pkgsrc/audio/arts/work/.buildlink/lib/ undefined reference
 to `FT_Get_BDF_Property'

I initially assumed this was just a problem with the QT package, and 
fixed it by simply cd'ing into the buildlink dir and overwriting all 
the libfreetype links with links to /usr/pkg/lib/libfreetype*. I do
not, however, fancy doing this for every package in the KDE build.

How should I fix this?
Bruce J.A. Nourish <>