Subject: Ant package
To: None <>
From: Mahesh Chittur <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/16/2003 18:37:28
I was trying to make package for argouml-0.14. In order to compile the 
argouml-0.14, i need the apache-ant package. But, the package present under 
NetBSD does not contain the jar file, (optional.jar) which is needed for the 
compilation of argouml-0.14. In order to build optional.jar file in 
apache-ant. I need few other packages like jdepends, junit, etc...

My problem starts here:-
In order to compile jdepends, junit. i need apache-ant to compile these 
package. And in order to make ant to have full functionalities, i need 
packages junit, jdepends. It a circular dependency.

i need suggestion or comments regarding breaking apache-ant into two 
packages. so that, one package would contain the base package, and other 
would contain the addtional jar files.

In ant binary distribution, i noticed that it gives many jar file. But why 
ant package in NetBSD make only one jar file. Not others, though many 
programs use it for compilation.

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