Subject: Re: Where did ap2-php4 go? Was: ap2-php4 creates a buggy
To: None <>
From: Ewald =?iso-8859-1?Q?B=F6rger?= <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/15/2003 12:28:23
At 23:59 14-9-2003 +0000, Johnny C. Lam wrote:
>Apache module handling is being unified in pkgsrc.  You want to build
>in www/ap-php4.

Ah, ok :) hadn't thought of that one...
I know it will be quite some work, but wouldn't it be handy if there's a 
link to these kind of (widely used?) packages?
So in de description of PHP 4, a reference could be made to ap-php4 being 
the bridge between both PHP-Apache and PHP-Apache 1.
Would make life a lot easier for people like me :)

Man, this doesn't work me either :((

cleaned everything again and made everything with all default settings:
make install apr
make install apache2
make install php4
make install ap-php4

root@avalon:/usr/pkgsrc/www/ap-php4> apachectl -t
Syntax error on line 234 of /usr/pkg/etc/httpd/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /usr/pkg/lib/httpd/ into server: 
/usr/pkg/lib/httpd/ Undefined PLT symbol "link" (reloc type = 
7, symnum = 1672)

I've checked the /usr/pkg/lib/httpd/ timestamp and it is a file 
that has just been created.

What the **** is PLT anyway?
I'm beginning to suspect other parts of my system are wrong versions or 
something like that?