Subject: Re: suse_* packages support for more OSes.
To: Juan RP <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/14/2003 15:47:35
On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 02:41:23AM +0200, Juan RP wrote:

> Hi people, these days I've been playing with FreeBSD and pkgsrc, and I 
> would  like to add support of FreeBSD/OpenBSD for the suse_* packages. My 
> fix
> was really easy, we have to change on suse_base/Makefile, /emul/$emul to
> /compat/$emul (INSTALL), and modify the Makefile.application of suse_linux. 
> FreeBSD needs to use an utilitity to change the ELF OS ABI header "brandelf 
> (1)", with this patch all that you need to do will be to add another 
> variable  to the Makefile of any linux package, i.e:
> FIX_LINUX_BINS=	bin/quake3arena
> Perhaps this patch is not very useful, but it can give some ideas, about 
> what  we need to add to these packages to make this work on more Operating 
> Systems.

this looks good, but it would be nice to not need to manually do the
FIX_LINUX_BINS dance. obviously for non-FreeBSD platforms
FIX_LINUX_BINS should be a no-op, ${TRUE} I guess.

I'd say commit it for now, and perhaps we can make it transparent by
dealing with it in suse_* later.

thanks for doing this work!