Subject: Re: Amanda package(s) outdated
To: Hauke Fath <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/13/2003 00:18:12
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Hauke Fath <> wrote:
> >Synopsis:	Amanda package(s) outdated
> According to, "The most recent stable release is
> version 2.4.4p1, released on june 27, 2003." NetBSD pkg is at 2.4.2p2
> for "stable", 2.4.3p3 for "dev".

In June 2003, I tried to upgrade the packages to 2.4.4.  I noticed that
the distribution *still* required the patches submitted to the
developers long ago by Manuel Bouyer
( in order to
function under NetBSD.  I sent mail to the amanda-hackers mailing list,
and it was suggested to me to try the latest snapshot.

Even after the patches were applied and amanda was compiled and
installed, I ran into problems regarding MORE_TAPE or some such (sorry,
don't have the error message any longer).

Since I couldn't keep my systems without a properly functioning backup
solution, I eventually reverted back to 2.4.3b3, which worked fine.

(All this just FYI, for those who attempt to update the package.  I
don't have any logs or other insights.  Sorry.)


Of course it runs NetBSD!

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