Subject: Re: how does CONF_FILES work for stunnel
To: None <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/11/2003 10:33:02
El 2003.09.11 10:22, Jeremy C. Reed escribió:
> Maybe I should look at this when I am not tired ... but I don't understand
> how the security/stunnel gets the stunnel.conf-sample placed into the
> /usr/pkg/etc/ directory.
> It uses:
> USE_PKGINSTALL=         yes
> PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR=      stunnel
> But I don't see where it lists the file(s) to copy.
> I am assuming this is because the admin should edit the example and put in
> place themselves. (Maybe a MESSAGE?)
> The +DEINSTALL has blank CONF_FILES (and SUPPORT_FILES). So I don't
> see why it uses USE_PKGINSTALL.
> Is this correct? And explanation?

True, PKG_INSTALL there is not very useful, it should provide a sample config  
file into their PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR (IMHO), but if it uses only one file,  
there's no need to add PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR, right ? I'm not sure how works
stunnel, perhaps it uses the configuration directory to put more files (who  
knows?, heh).

Juan RP
<juan AT xtraeme DOT UnixBSD DOT org>