Subject: Re: pkgsrc guide
To: Jolan Luff <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/10/2003 20:27:44
On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Jolan Luff wrote:

> Is there a guide to creating entries for pkgsrc?  I see no man page for
> and README references some URLs which only deal with building
> software.  BTW, that file says:
>   pkgsrc.txt and pkgsrc.html are also provided in the top level pkgsrc
>   directory (this directory).
> Which is not true on my system..?

Someone will have to fix that.

See pkgsrc/Packages.txt

> 1) Do I really have to name my patches patch-aa, patch-ab.  The only
>    reason I saw for this is for them to be applied in order, but in the
>    case of my stuff, there's no need.  I've named them by file, i.e.,
>    patch-src_pork_format_c, which is a lot easier for me than trying to
>    remember which patch is which, forgetting, and then having to look at
>    all the patches.  Is there anyway to auto generate patches..?

Use pkgtools/pkgdiff -- pkgvi to edit and pkgdiff to create patch.

> 2) How do I depend on Perl 5.8 explicitly?  I just took this line from
>    chat/irssi:
>    .include "../../lang/perl5/"
>    There is no for perl58..?  It builds OK with perl 5.6.1
>    but works better with perl 5.8.


I would think...

PERL5_REQD=     5.8

.. but I don't think that works.

> 3) How do I generate a PLIST?  This isn't obvious to me, even after
>    reading

After you do a "make install" try:
make print-PLIST >

And edit (if needed) to make your PLIST.

Have fun!

   Jeremy C. Reed