Subject: RE: MKMANZ or MANZ?
To: None <,>
From: Michael South <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/10/2003 09:49:20
pkgsrc has a number of bugs in automatic handling of manpages. I'm 
working on a fix, which will also include use of MKMANZ (if defined). 
Hopefully it will get PR'd today. Until a fix is committed you can just 
define MANZ--the 'src' tree still recognizes it.


Adam wrote:
 > I'm confused now.  The 'src' tree now uses MKMANZ to 'gzip'
 > man pages, while 'pkgsrc' still uses MANZ.  In the end,
 > I must have both in my /etc/mk.conf.
 > Moreover, some packages do not handle compressed man-pages
 > correctly.  For example archivers/zip and devel/ncurses.
 > If one of these is installed, and you try 'pkg_admin rebuild',
 > you'll have
 > "pkg_admin: zip-2.3nb2: File '/usr/pkg/man/man1/zipcloak.1.gz
 >   is in +CONTENTS but not on filesystem!"
 > Simply, 'zipcloak.1.gz' is a symbolic link to "`zip.1'.gz".

Michael South