Subject: Re: MAKE_PROGRAM and
To: None <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/04/2003 10:45:51
On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 12:27:50PM -0400, Greg A. Woods wrote:

> That's just wrong for some situations.  Some packages expcicitly require
> GNU Make (i.e. they will only build with GNU Make) while others
> explicitly require a *BSD make (i.e. they will only build with a *BSD
> make) and most of the rest will probably work well enough (i.e. will
> consistenly build the same resulting products) with any unix-compatible
> "make".
> The point is that in many cases the individual packages _must_ decide
> which tools are appropriate to use.

indeed. perhaps I should have been more clear in stating that packages
should not make decisions about tools required on a _per-opsys_ basis.

of course particular packages can require certain tools, but they
should not be doing so in an opsys conditional; that is's
job, and a big part of the reason why it exists in the first place.