Subject: Re: swig-python
To: None <>
From: MLH <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/28/2003 08:42:05
Eric Gillespie wrote:

> (MLH) writes:
>> Interesting. I can build a python wrapper for glpk with a hand-built
>> version of swig1.3.19 and I can't with devel/swig1.3.17. I expected
>> that was due to the updates to swig, but I am not sure how to
>> confirm that.
> It doesn't matter, the package really needs to be updated.  I can
> do this tomorrow.

Ok. Thanks!

> The preference is most definitely for  Having your
> users run make *and* or even having call make
> doesn't sound like a good idea.

Ok. That answers my question. My original package did everything
with but it needs to be updated.

> Actually, it doesn't build on my system.  For some reasons it
> can't find the other .i files in the SWIG directory that
> _m2crypto.i tries to include.  I'm not sure why it can't.  I'm
> even more unsure how this package works without a dependency on
> swig-python.

The interesting thing here is that the first time I tried building
m2crypto, it built swig-build automatically, but I deleted swig-build
and cleaned all up and it won't auto-build swig-build anymore.  I
was trying to determine how to emulate the dependencies for my
py-glpk package, but it doesn't work. How is this supposed to work
with buildlink2 without explicit dependencies?