Subject: help with linking within a new package
To: NetBSD Package Maintainers List <>
From: Julian C. Dunn <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/24/2003 00:25:31
I'm trying to create a new package for amavisd-new, the improved e-mail
virus and spam scanner. I'm having some difficulty handling the building
of the milter binaries (amavis and amavis-milter) due to some linking

First of all, I had to copy the hackery from the amavis-perl package
which looks like the following:

# XXX Milter needs pthreads, and configure fails looking for it
# because ${PREFIX}/include is not available in the include path.
.if defined(USE_MILTER) && ${USE_MILTER} == "YES"

Okay. That makes sense, but it is ugly.

Then, however, the compiled amavis and amavis-milter binaries do not
know where to look for the pthreads shared object (an ldd confirms
this), and thus the package system complains and dies with Error 1. So I
changed the above CONFIGURE_ENV line to be:


which strikes me as even worse hackery. Does anyone know of a cleaner
way to handle this problem?

- Julian

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