Subject: Re: info/dir is empty with pkg_install-info
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Stoned Elipot <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/20/2003 23:53:46
On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 11:27:36AM -0700, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> My LOCALBASE is /usr. (And this is under Linux.)
> I installed gmake and it installed dependency pkg_install-info-4.5nb2.
> The gmake install said:
>  install-info: /usr/info/dir: empty file
> That file is zero bytes.

In which step does this occur? make install or pkg_add of a binary pkg?

> I can repeat that error with:
>   pkg_install-info --info-dir=/usr/info /usr/info/
> It should probably install a skeleton info/dir if it doesn't exist. (I
> added one and it worked.)
It is not necessary, newer install-info(1) -like the one provided
by pkg_install-info, which is only a renamed install-info from GNU
Texinfo 4.5- creates the Info directory file if it does not already exist.
> I may send-pr this once I get some comments.
> And today I installed gcc3-c and gcc3-c++ and the /usr/info/dir file is
> still empty. I see that the INSTALL script has INFO_DIR="gcc3/info". I see
> that the /usr/gcc3/info/dir is 782 bytes.
> How does info(1) know about the /usr/gcc3/info/*.info files?
See info(1). There are the -d path argument and the INFOPATH env. var.
Info(1) reads:
       The  first  non-option argument, if present, is the menu entry to start
       from; it is searched for in all `dir' files along INFOPATH.  If  it  is
       not  present,  info  merges  all `dir' files and shows the result.  Any
       remaining arguments are treated as the names of menu items relative  to
       the initial node visited.
> Maybe gcc3* should use --dir-file=${LOCALBASE}/info/dir ??
I think not. I and others explicitly put the info files in there
so _all_ gcc packages are 100% non-conflicting.
> (I notice that package pkg_install-info has no documentation installed. It
> may be useful if a share/doc/pkg_install-info/README or manual page for 
> pkg_install-info(1) was installed.)
pkg_install-info(1) would be exactly the same as install-info(1).
I did not see a need for a man page as I consider pkg_install-info only
a helper command for the package system. Now if you really want a
man page I can add one...

Cheers, Stoned.