Subject: Re: Solaris pkgsrc
To: Dima Veselov <>
From: Julien T. Letessier <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/19/2003 20:14:48
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Dima Veselov wrote:

> I am using pkgsrc on Solaris 8/sparc and have problems compiling some packages.
> Compiling OpenSSL needs Perl and crashes compiling it, because ld have'nt -E flag.

Could you send me a log of your crashing build? I don't remember perl5 
using the -E switch during its build (just curious).

> 2. What should be done with ld, maybe some Solaris patches requires to be applied?

You're using Sun's ld, and this breaks a lot of packages. I originally 
used it with pkgsrc, then quickly switched to a GNU compile chain. 
There's a small performance hit (i'd say 5% on average), but then, 
sparcs are fast :)

My solution:

Install lang/gcc and devel/binutils (which provides ld), and use these 
to build lang/perl5 or lang/perl58 and security/openssl. GCC 2.95.3 is 
reliable on Solaris.

Julien T. Letessier
Solarpack Project

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