Subject: Re: pkg/22395: Libtool needs shared version of libXss (or does it?)
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/08/2003 00:50:28
On Thu, 7 Aug 2003 17:36:07 -0500
Nate Hill <> wrote:

> On Thu August 7 2003 17:21, you wrote:
> > I already said it:  Kopete IS in pkgsrc.  Then you must update the
> > package and not create your own.  Second thing, this is not a
> > problem report; this is a question you already asked in tech-pkg,
> > iirc.  If libXss is only static, then link against the static
> > library (it should still provide a libkopete shared library, or
> > whatever); we already do it for several things that use some X
> > libraries...
> I know Kopete is in pkgsrc. What I meant by "my own Kopete package" 
> was my own 0.7 package - based on the 0.6.2 one. I am updating the 
> existing package. What this report is about is the fact that It's not 
> linking against the static library correctly and only provides a 
> static libkopete. I just want to know how to get libtool to do this 
> correctly. Thanks.

So you are reporting a bug against something you are working on and is
not in pkgsrc? hummm...

Then, about the static library... this is just a guess, it may be wrong
or not work at all.  Try patching the link commands in makefiles to directly
use the .a file instead of doing -lXss.


PS: The mail was addressed to you and not to a mailing list... you should
not make private messages public...

Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
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