Subject: Re: gnome1 and gnome2 panel coexistence
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/01/2003 16:11:45
I was a bit confused.  The conflict was because gnome1-panel and
gnome-panel both build the 'gnome-panel' package.  I renamed the
binary package of gnome-panel to gnome1-panel (by mv'g in /var/db/pkg
and editing +CONTENTS).  I was then able to install gnome-panel.

The next problem was gnome-applets.
There are no shared files in this case.

I'm on to gnome-session, but it looks like this is a lot more grief.

   2 bin/gnome-session
   2 bin/gnome-smproxy
   2 bin/gnome-wm
   2 man/man1/gnome-session.1
   2 man/man1/gnome-smproxy.1
   2 man/man1/gnome-wm.1
   2 man/man1/session-properties.1
   2 man/man5/default.session.5
   2 share/gnome/default.session
   2 share/gnome/default.wm
   2 share/pixmaps/splash/gnome-splash.png

Any advice?  Just go cold turkey and pkg_delete the gnome1
session/panel stuff and don't look back?  Will galeon/gabber/evolution
still work?

        Greg Troxel <>