Subject: gnome1 and gnome2 panel coexistence
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/01/2003 15:27:57
[If tech-pkg isn't the right place, and I should be asking on
e.g. netbsd-users, please let me know.]

I am trying to migrate from gnome 1.4 to 2.2, not only for myself but
for someone else, upon whom I do not want to impose any grief (this
person does not enjoy straightening out gnome problems!).  It now
seems that most of gnome1 and gnome2 can coexist, but installing
gnome-panel lost due to gnome1-panel being installed.

Looking at the PLISTS,

  sort gnome-panel/PLIST gnome1-panel/PLIST  | uniq -c | egrep -v '^ *1'

I find only a few files that conflict.

   2 @dirrm share/pixmaps/fish
   2 @dirrm share/pixmaps/mailcheck
   2 share/pixmaps/fish/fishanim.png
   2 share/pixmaps/fish/footguy.png
   2 share/pixmaps/fish/monkey.png
   2 share/pixmaps/fish/oldwanda.png
   2 share/pixmaps/gnome-fish.png
   2 share/pixmaps/mailcheck/eclouds.png
   2 share/pixmaps/mailcheck/email-e.png
   2 share/pixmaps/mailcheck/email-eclouds.png
   2 share/pixmaps/mailcheck/email-tiny.png
   2 share/pixmaps/mailcheck/email.png
   2 share/pixmaps/mailcheck/tux-anim.png

I'm inclined to just remove the CONFLICTS line and proceed, since I
can deal with losing some (more or less pointless anyway) pixmaps
after I remove gnome1-panel until I rebuild gnome-panel.  The better,
but harder way, would be to either split these into a
gnome-panel-pixmaps package, or to rename the files for gnome1-panel.

Does gnome2 in general work on NetBSD now (pgksrc-current on
1.6.1-stable/i386, in particular)?  Is the above the only hitch for
gnome1 and gnome2 coexistence?

In order for users to have a smooth transition, I think gnome1 and
gnome2 have to able to be both fully installed.

        Greg Troxel <>