Subject: Re: Consistent "Optional Dependecy" handling
To: None <>
From: Nate Hill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/31/2003 19:49:47
On Thu July 31 2003 19:31, Soren Jacobsen wrote:
> On 08/01 02:28, Juan RP wrote:
> > What about if I want gtk2 support on gaim but I don't want gtk2
> > in xchat ?
> >
> > Really, I prefer package-suffix rather than of a common
> That makes sense for some things, such as the example you gave.
> However, for certain types of packages, like sound servers, it's
> preposterous to be installing them all over unconditionally. I will
> never EVER use nas or esound or arts and would rather not install
> them needlessly.

Yes, I agree with Soren. The only place where DEFs don't quite work is 
in said situation. There can always be XCHAT_ or FOOPKG_ quirks for 
packages where non-standard things are popular (For instance 
everything could default to GTK2 and there could be a PREFER_GTK1 or 
a FOO_PREFER_GTK1 for global|local enabling of old gtk1).

Nate Hill <>