Subject: Re: Consistent "Optional Dependecy" handling
To: Soren Jacobsen <>
From: Nate Hill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/31/2003 17:23:18
On Thu July 31 2003 17:08, Soren Jacobsen wrote:
> On 07/31 16:59, Nate Hill wrote:
> > I'm probably asking an irrelevant question but, is there any
> > standard method for disabling/enabling/preferring specific
> > dependencies which are optional with respect the package.
> No, there's not really a "standard" method. It takes extra effort
> for developers to add things like this, although in some cases I
> think it's necessary. See below.

It's definitely necessary, I think there needs to be a more standard 
method instead of _many_ "exceptions".

> > [root@cryogen ~] pkg_delete esound
> > pkg_delete: package `esound-0.2.29nb1' is required by other
> > packages: kdemultimedia-3.1.2nb2
> >         xine-lib-1.0rc10nb4
> esound is one that I think we should have a global configuration
> variable for. It would take quite some time to convert all
> (applicable) packages to honor it, though. See pkg/21979

I'm never going to use esound. I don't want to touch it. With a ten 
foot pole.

> > Anyways, I'm looking for something similar to Gentoo's "USE
> > Flags" system...
> I can't say I'm familiar with this "USE Flags" system, but certain
> packages have build-time variables that can adjust the dependencies
> and functions of a program. I'm not sure that they're _all_
> documented, but most should be described in
> pkgsrc/mk/

Well, I don't remember USE Flags exactly but, they were an excellent 
feature. Basically, if you where writing a package it was part of the 
environment and you could use some functions or such like:

if GTK
	dep something

This is horribly inaccurate but, you get the idea. They could be set 
in a config file, environment or command line.

Nate Hill <>