Subject: Re: pkg/20852
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/28/2003 15:47:34
On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 09:22:06AM -0700, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> > > Yes, but in the default installation it should try to be a drop-in
> > > replacement for the base system supplied sendmail as far as possible.
> > When it installs files in /etc/mail, should those files be in the package's
> > PLIST so they are included in the binary package?
> Have a look at pkgsrc/Packages.txt and read the "Configuration files
> handling and placement" section. The files are generally installed "under
> share/examples/${PKGNAME} so PLIST can register them."

Thank you, this answers my question very nicely.

A patch to fix PR #20852 can be found at

All this patch does is avoid directly installing files in the system
configuration directory.  It does not change where the sendmail package is
going to look for configuration files.

I think this fix is sufficient to close the PR.  What do you think?