Subject: possible INDEX changes
To: None <>
From: Dan McMahill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/23/2003 22:57:37

Now that 'make index' happens in a managable length of time I'd like to
make a couple of changes.

1)  I'd like to remove the ${PKGSRCDIR} part of the package path and the
description file path.  Ie, instead of  /usr/pkgsrc/math/scilab and
/usr/pkgsrc/math/scilab/DESCR, I'd like to use math/scilab and
math/scilab/DESCR.  As pointed out by Grant, the /usr/pkgsrc part is
rather redundant and prevents the INDEX file from being portable.  Ie,
you couldn't make a pkgsrc tarball that included the INDEX file since
someone might unpack it somewhere other than /usr/pkgsrc.

2)  I'd like to add the homepage or "none" if there isn't one.  Anyone
know of tools which might break if this field is appended to the end of
the line?  This was also suggested by Grant.