Subject: Re: Mozilla and Java
To: Nicholas Ricketts <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/23/2003 19:14:04
On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Nicholas Ricketts wrote:

: If it is available using a diffent pkg system and it works. Then why
: hasn't netbsd put it up in their own pkg-src?

Because it is a work-in-progress (pkgsrc-"wip").  There are still problems
here and there, and the packages have not yet been widely tested.  Both
jdk12 and jdk13 will hopefully end up in main pkgsrc sometime soon.

: That means I have to keep to track of 2 trees now. :-(.

Once you checkout the "wip" tree into pkgsrc/, a single "cvs update" should
update it with the rest of pkgsrc seamlessly.

-- Todd Vierling <>