Subject: first 'addition' - check before send-pr?
To: None <>
From: poff <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/20/2003 12:26:47

I have just 'finished' my first addition (or hopeful addition)to pkgsrc: (~10k)

I was wondering if someone could look over it, as I've only been reading 
about gnu stuff and pkgsrc additions for a few days now.

I ran pkglint, and had to fudge a whole bunch of $NetBSD$ lines, which I 
didn't read (or couldn't find) in the pkgsrc developer documentation.

Is there an easy way to generate these lines with the timestamp etc?

Anyway before ripping it apart please remember I'm a n00b!

I have some other questions I might as well ask about pkgsrc now:

-for the above, there was a file in work/wm../doc which wasn't in any 
makefiles but I wanted to add in /usr/pkg/share/examples/ - I didn't know 
how to modify the original makefiles in order to make a patch to do this :/
-if the work directory is different from the one pkgsrc wants to use, how 
do you specify it?

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