Subject: Thought on pkgviews
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Perkin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/14/2003 13:43:50
Something I'd like to see in pkgviews as it crops up a lot in my
pkgsrc use, is the ability to install different compiles of the same

At the moment I have separate pkgsrc hierarchies according to SunOS
release, so that I can support the wide range of releases here at
the BBC.  This means a different ${LOCALBASE} for each, based on
${HOME}/pkg-`uname -r`.  It works, but is a little messy with lots
of different, unrelated pools of software.

After looking through the whole pkgviews thing, it looks great,
except that I cannot see a way to have e.g.

${PREFIX}/pkg/${MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM}/pth-2.0.0 (or whatever).

for the various compiled types (SunOS 5.6 for compat vs 5.9 for
versioned libraries, gcc vs Sun Workshop cc, etc), it only seems to
allow a single compiled package, but then include that package in
different views.

Would this be worth my time hacking on, or does it conflict with the
way that pkgviews has been defined?  I can see benefits for e.g.
large installations like ours where most tools are NFS mounted, and
a single pkgsrc repository can serve lots of different architectures.


Jonathan Perkin                             <>
BBC Internet Services