Subject: Re: Serious Arts problems
To: None <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/09/2003 01:15:14
On Monday 07 July 2003 18:56, Nate Hill wrote:
> On Tuesday July 1 2003 12:06, Nick Hudson wrote:
> > OK, the audio/arts configure goop gets pthread detection wrong on
> > -current systems. I'll ty and fix it over the next few days...

I've committed my fixes for artsd on -current.

> I'm running 1.6.1 and I'm still experiencing this problem.  I've been busy
> and esd+xmms has been "working".  Anyways, I talked to Mark Davies and he
> said that my problem with noatun seems widespread (only plays ~1 second of
> .mp3|.ogg) and my artsdsp problems are expected.  So, not that those
> shouldn't be fixed I'm wondering why my other packages don't detect the
> presence of aRts and compile output plugins and such (mplayer, xmms).  I
> have not yet successfully played any non-wav format using aRts.

I have used noatun to play mp3s for a long time on 1.6.x. I have not seen any 
other reports of problems on 1.6.x. Starting artsd in a shell and logging the 
output might help shed some light on the problem.

I think that packages such as mplayer and xmms have had arts support explicity 
disabled by whoever pkg'ed them.