Subject: Re: x11/xplanet outdated
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/04/2003 17:48:06
> >I wouldn't be hard to create an additional package, however, I don't believe
> >it is appropriate for this package as it will only lead to user confusion
> >and makes it harder to maintain for very little gain.
> i'll leave that up to you.  if you wanna put it in, go ahead.  i can
> always maintain the 0.93 package locally for myself.  as for the
> $XPLANET stuff, if you leave that out and i find myself so inclined, i
> can always put it back in later.
> >What do you think?
> all yours, if you want it. more thing.  make sure that
> xscreensaver can still use it properly, please?

Ok, xplanet works find with xscreensaver, although the default command
line for xplanet in setup needs to be changed as it appears to be that for
the older version. This is how I configured it for my test drive:

xplanet -xscreensaver -wait 1 -longitude 138 -projection rectangular

cheerio Berndt