Subject: Re: x11/xplanet outdated
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/04/2003 01:11:03
>Your can specify the search directory on the command line. The following
>are the default search paths - see man-page:
>        The current directory
>        searchdir
>        subdirectories of searchdir
>        subdirectories of xplanet (if it exists in the current directory)
>        subdirectories of ${HOME}/.xplanet on X11
>        subdirectories of ${HOME}/Library/Xplanet on Mac OS X
>        subdirectories of DATADIR/xplanet
>Isn't this what you wanted?

more or less, but my change added $XPLANET in front of (or in place
of, i guess) searchdir.  it made things simpler.  less to specify on
the command line (like full paths to marker files, images, etc).

>I've looked into the mercator projection, and whilst the screenshot
>on the web looks fine, I can't reproduce it on my system. However,
>it may be as simple as a configuration problem.

my mercator projections look totally screwy, as if i'm getting the
center portion of something sized for a display 2-3 times the actual
width of my screen.  it's all stretched out and ugly.  the markers are
in the right places, though, so far as i can tell.

>I wouldn't be hard to create an additional package, however, I don't believe
>it is appropriate for this package as it will only lead to user confusion
>and makes it harder to maintain for very little gain.

i'll leave that up to you.  if you wanna put it in, go ahead.  i can
always maintain the 0.93 package locally for myself.  as for the
$XPLANET stuff, if you leave that out and i find myself so inclined, i
can always put it back in later.

>What do you think?

all yours, if you want it. more thing.  make sure that
xscreensaver can still use it properly, please?

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