Subject: Re: x11/xplanet outdated
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/03/2003 20:21:59
>>gimme a chance to check it out and see if it dies worse that the 0.94
>>release did over 0.93.  if it does, i'll formally object, but we can
>>probably go ahead anyway, because the HOMEPAGE makes it sound like
>>it's totally new.  and i dig the new screenshots.
>totally new and totally different.  i see the author pulled in most of
>the patches i sent him, but not all of them, so we'll have to make a
>few more patches to get that back to "normal".  that said, this one's
>totally different, which i might end up liking, but for now it's not a
>two minute job to get my old way of using xplanet working in the new

okay...more poking and prodding makes me think that:

- too many command line options are missing.  i can't completely
control xplanet without making a config file and telling xplanet where
to find it.

- some features are currently unimplemented.  i like setting the fuzz
factor to zero so that i get a hard edge between day and night
shading.  that's gone.  or not there yet.

- the mercator projection mode seems to me to be totally broken.

- it no longer uses x fonts for rendering, only true type fonts, and
it only comes with one of those.

= i like that he included the $HOME/.xplanet patch i sent him that
augments the search path, but i think he should also have included the
$XPLANET stuff i sent him at the same time.

+ i like the -pov stuff, which gets you a view of the solar system
from anywhere(?).

+ i like the -print_ephemeris output, even though i have no idea what
it means or how to use it.

+ i like that you can tell it where to put the stars, instead of them
just being random dots.  seeing orion is neat, but being able to tell
that tell that aquarius is rising is just too cool.  ;-)

+ the -origin stuff looks interesting, but i haven't played with it
all that much yet.

it's hard to say.  i think i like it but i'm not sure.  would it be a
pain to import it alongside the existing xplanet package?  they're
really very different.

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