Subject: Re: libGlade2 Build Failure
To: J. Alexander Jacocks <>
From: J. Alexander Jacocks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/02/2003 13:49:17
J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:

> J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:
>> With the greatly appreciated help of several members of this list,
>> I have managed to get pkgsrc setup.
>> However, I am running in to a strange problem building libglade2.  The
>> build just dies before running configure.  The help of anyone who can
>> understand what it is doing when it dies would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks!
> <snip>
> OK, I've figured out part of this.  It looks to be a problem with Python 
> 2.2's expat module:

I've refined the problem further.  It looks like the pyexpat Python 
module is not getting built.  The loading script is in place, and the 
module seems to be configured when building python, though.

Anyone else seen this behavior?