Subject: Re: Solaris Building Problem
To: Jonathan Perkin <>
From: J. Alexander Jacocks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/01/2003 12:03:47
Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> * On 2003-06-30 at 19:55 BST, J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:
>>I think I figured out part of the issue that I (and several
>>others) have been experiencing with building on Solaris 9.
>>When I use only snapshot tools (pre-buit binaries of gcc-2.95.3,
>>libiconv, gtexinfo, etc.) I get both a HOST and BUILD system type
>>of sparc-sun-solaris2.  When using the gcc-3.3 that I compiled
>>with the package tree, the BUILD system type is sparc-sun-solaris.
> See pkg/20701 which has yet to be looked at.
I have applied this patch (thanks!) and am now rebuilding gcc-3.3 with 
the snapshot gcc-2.95.3.

I will report success or failure.