Subject: Re: GCC 64bit Support on Sparc
To: J. Alexander Jacocks <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/28/2003 23:08:56
On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 04:10:32PM -0400, J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:
> I am actually running the package collection on Solaris 9...As far as I 
> can see, 32 bit binaries are being built.

Ha yes, sorry. Well, it builds 32bit binaries for me on solaris9 too
(and I prefer it this way, as I also have sun4ms running :), but I never
found how to compile gcc (2 or 3) so that it would be able to generate
64bit binaries (which is required for lsof on sun4u/solaris)

If someone knows how to do it ...

Manuel Bouyer <>
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