Subject: spamassassin problems
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/26/2003 12:04:24

I'm having some trouble with spamd/spamc and need some help.

Everything was working fine for a week after I installed it (postfix ->
procmail -> spamc).  The only gotcha is that I needed to unlimit datasize
to run spamd (it takes more than 16 MB RAM on my 32 MB system).  Then
yesterday, spamd stopped responding when spamc started.

procmail reports spamc ends with:
               EX_IOERR        74  input/output error

spamd reports (via syslog):
Jun 26 14:59:55 costello spamd[4594]: connection from localhost []
at p
ort 65403
Jun 26 14:59:55 costello spamd[4834]: info: setuid to mw succeeded
Jun 26 14:59:56 costello spamd[4834]: processing message
<1fx6i3w.2q8ijmuv9duvM%> for mw:1001.

Usually, there's another line after this with the spamassassin score.
Therefore, I can conclude that spamc starts spamd, it starts processing the
message and then gives up with error 74, whatever that means.

So, I tried running spamd with the -D (verbose debugging info), but it only
responds to the first couple of messages then dies of its own accord.

I'm not sure where I could start gathering more info about the problem
since spamc doesn't have a debug option, and spamd doesn't stay alive with
verbose info turned on.

spamassassin (i.e. not spamc/spamd) isn't an option since, it takes over
two minutes to process a message on my HP433s vs. ~15 sec for spamc/spamd.

Any help would be appreciated.

  -- MW