Subject: Re: pax problem+fix
To: Hans Bulfone <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/21/2003 13:29:48
Hans Bulfone <> wrote:
> I'm using pkgsrc (and therefore pax) on Linux and have found the following
> problem:
> When installing the libxml2 package, the following command is executed:
> cd tutorial && $(PAX) -rwpppm . $(DESTDIR)$(TARGET_DIR)/tutorial
> As pax does not treat '.' specially, it checks if
> $(DESTDIR)$(TARGET_DIR)/tutorial/. exists, which is the case, and
> then tries to remove it.

I'm not sure if I follow you here.  How does pax not treat "." in a
special way?  Or rather, how should it?  When I install libxml2, it
performs the step you mentioned without any problems.  It cd's into the
'tutorial' directory, then paxes everything from that directory ('.')
into the other directory ('-rw'), preserving appropriate permissions and
timestamps ('-pppm').

Why should it try to remove a directory?

Or am I missing something?


P.S.: Should we move this thread to tech-pkg?

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