Subject: Re: make package should build dependency packages
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/17/2003 09:02:20
On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Todd Vierling wrote:

> : Those examples above. For example, www/lynx: Build the package on a system
> : with the needed libraries in the base system and then install it on a
> : different system without those libraries.
> "Sorry, not pkgsrc's fault."
> If the needed libraries aren't on the destination system, what guarantee do
> you have that pulling in a pkgsrc-compiled version (for your FORCE_DEPENDS
> proposal) is in any way ABI compatible with the base-system version found on
> the build box?

I don't see how that would happen.

With the option defined, not only would it force the DEPENDS but it would
build that dependency and use it. (So if the build system had an openssl
in base system, then it would now get two installs of the openssl and the
software would use the LOCALBASE version by building with buildlink2.)

> The base OS used for building a release must be *no newer* and have *no
> additional base system libraries* than any machine on which you plan to
> install a binary package.  This is common sense when building binaries of
> any kind, not just from pkgsrc.

I don't think that matters. If the build system is newer and it creates
newer versions of the packages and registers all the dependencies using
my FORCE_DEPENDS option, when you try to install on older system, it will
complain saying older version is installed.

(Yes, I can imagine if the dependency checks were open ended then if a way
newer version of a dependency is installed and it accepts it, there may be
problems, but that is probably because the original package DEPENDS were

Please note that I have been using this idea off and on for about six
months. I have build many packages under various Linux systems and reused
on other Linux systems (without making sure one was older or newer). I had
problems on some systems when I tried to run software that had missing ssl
and ncurses libraries. If the package had that as a DEPENDS, then it would
have installed it too. So that's what I did, and all was well for me. (But
I used options per package, like FORCE_CURSES, instead of just a generic
feature which would cover all.)

   Jeremy C. Reed