Subject: pkgtools/pax has __RCSID
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/06/2003 20:53:50
The source files for pkgtools/pax have:

#if 0
static char sccsid[] = "@(#)ar_io.c     8.2 (Berkeley) 4/18/94";
__RCSID("$NetBSD: ar_io.c,v 1.10 1998/08/10 22:34:59 tv Exp $");

The __RCSID macro is not defined. I see that the Makefile fixes this for
the files/pwcache.c (I am not sure why it isn't fixed in first place).

Why is one file fixed, but not the rest?

I could either provide patches for all or define the macro.

Or should we use the  pax sources that were originally autoconf-ed by
Jonathan Perkin and used in bootstrap-pkgsrc??

   Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I also prefer it be in archivers category or CATEGORIES contain
archivers. And I want the package to be registered and allowed to be made
(and use PKG_PRESERVE if that important).