Subject: Re: INSTALL_DOCS for
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/04/2003 11:06:12
Julio Merino <> wrote:
> Couldn't this be handled automatically from, when generating
> the ${WRKDIR}/.PLIST file?  In fact, to avoid registering it (and assuming
> 1) the package does not install the html's, 2) html's are installed in the
> right place), one should only 'grep -v ^share/doc/html/' and directories
> with 'grep -v "^@dirrm share/doc/html/'.  Isn't it?

Yes, that (or a similar approach) would probably work, but it's been my
experience that many documentation tarballs contain files we do not want
to install (CVS data, .xvpics etc.), so usually I use pax's "-s" option
to select which files I copy over.  Generating a PLIST dynamically would
then involve excluding those files as well and could get tricky.

I think it'd be better to have FILESDIR/PLIST.<format> (or
PKGDIR/PLIST.<format>, "WRKSRC" in my earlier email was a thinko), unless
there's an obvious reason not to.


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