Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 2003
To: None <,>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/03/2003 22:14:41
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 2003

By my calculations, at the end of May 2003, there were 3762 packages
in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3708 the previous month, a
rise of 54.

Notable additions include:  adobeps-win, apr, BitTorrent,
Canna-server, celestia, celestia-gnome, celestia-kde, cmake,
crimsonfields, diffstat, dovecot, dvd+rw-tools, elf, elfsh, gnus,
gnutls, golem, gtkglarea2, icdprog, ja-dvi2tty, kmymoney2, kochi-otf,
libtasn1, lpe, mbmon, mozilla-bin-nightly, oo2c, opencdk, overnet,
p5-HTTP-DAV, p5-MARC, p5-Net-Z3950, p5-Set-Scalar, p5-Time-Period,
phoenix-bin-acroread3, phoenix-bin-acroread5, ProjectCenter, puf,
py-gtk2, py-ORBit, pyslsk, rtptools, scli, SDLmm, sigrot, sirius,
ssh2-nox11, static-ast-ksh, subversion-base, subversion-python,
swig-build, swig-python, utftools, xmbmon, yabasic, and yaz.

Notable updates include:  acroread5, aewm++, amaya, anjuta, ap-xslt,
ap2-subversion, apache2, apr, arts, ast-ksh, audit-packages, automake,
bbkeys, bbpager, bitchx, blackbox, blender, boehm-gc, boolean,
bsetroot, bug-buddy, cadaver, Canna-dict, Canna-lib, Canna-server-bin,
centericq, cfengine2, cfengine2-doc, cgoban-java, chicken, conserver,
cpuflags, cssc, cue, cups, curl, cvsync, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl,
denemo, dia, dillo, distcc, docbook-xsl, doxygen, driftnet,
dvd+rw-tools, easytag, ee, eggdrop, ekg, elib, enlightenment,
enscript, etach, etcupdate, eterm, ethereal, euler, evolution, exmh,
fam, fbdesk, file-roller, flow-tools, fluxbox, fnlib, gaim, gale,
galeon, gauche, gcc, gcc3, gedit, ghostscript-esp,
ghostscript-esp-nox11, gimp, gimp-base, giram, glade2, gmc, gmplayer,
gnet, gnome-chess, gnome-dirs, gnome-games, gnome-libs, gnome-media,
gnome-mime-data, gnome-pilot, gnome-pim, gnome-utils, gnome1-dirs,
gnome2-dirs, gnome2-games, gnucash, gnumeric, gnumeric0, gnupg,
gnustep-preferences, golem, gpc, gperiodic, graphopt, groff,
gtetrinet, gtkstep, gzip, gzip-base, hdf5, hugs98, icewm, icewm-gnome,
inn, ipa, irrd, ja-samba, kde3, kde3-i18n-af, kde3-i18n-ar,
kde3-i18n-bg, kde3-i18n-bs, kde3-i18n-ca, kde3-i18n-cs, kde3-i18n-da,
kde3-i18n-de, kde3-i18n-el, kde3-i18n-en_GB, kde3-i18n-eo,
kde3-i18n-es, kde3-i18n-et, kde3-i18n-eu, kde3-i18n-fa, kde3-i18n-fi,
kde3-i18n-fr, kde3-i18n-he, kde3-i18n-hu, kde3-i18n-it, kde3-i18n-ja,
kde3-i18n-lt, kde3-i18n-mt, kde3-i18n-nb, kde3-i18n-nl, kde3-i18n-nn,
kde3-i18n-nso, kde3-i18n-pl, kde3-i18n-pt, kde3-i18n-pt_BR,
kde3-i18n-ro, kde3-i18n-ru, kde3-i18n-sk, kde3-i18n-sl, kde3-i18n-sr,
kde3-i18n-sv, kde3-i18n-ta, kde3-i18n-th, kde3-i18n-tr, kde3-i18n-uk,
kde3-i18n-ven, kde3-i18n-vi, kde3-i18n-xh, kde3-i18n-zh_CN,
kde3-i18n-zh_TW, kde3-i18n-zu, kdeaddons3, kdeadmin3, kdeartwork3,
kdebase3, kdeedu3, kdegames3, kdegraphics, kdegraphics3, kdelibdocs3,
kdelibs3, kdemultimedia3, kdenetwork3, kdepim3, kdesdk3, kdetoys3,
kdeutils3, (phew, thanks, Mark!) kochi-cidfonts, larswm, ldapsdk,
leafnode, lib3ds, libdnet, libgcrypt, libgnome, libgnomedb,
libsndfile, libwnck, libxml2, libxslt, links, links-gui, lmule,
logcheck, lv, lyx-qt, lyx-xforms, lzop, mailserv, mailwrapper, mc,
mencoder, mercury, mergeant, Mesa, mini_sendmail, mldonkey, mono,
moz-flash, moz-mplayer, mozilla, mozilla-stable, mplayer,
mplayer-share, mrproject, mtools, mtr, mtr-gtk, multitail, namazu2,
nautilus, neon, netsaint-base, newscache, nsca, nxtvepg, ogmtools,
oo2c, openc++, opencm, openslp, opera7, ORBit2, oregano,
p5-Config-General, p5-Date-Manip, p5-DBI, p5-IO-Socket-SSL,
p5-MIME-Base64, p5-SDL, p5-Time-HiRes, p5-XML-DOM, p5-XML-Simple,
p5-XML-XQL, pan, perl5, perl58, pgpdump, phoenix, phoenix-bin,
phoenix-bin-acroread, phoenix-bin-acroread3, phoenix-bin-acroread5,
phoenix-bin-flash, phoenix-bin-java, phoenix-bin-realplayer, pkgchk,
pkgdiff, pkglint, portsentry, postfix, pstoedit, pstree, pth, puzzle,
py-wxWindows, quanta3, radiusd-cistron, realplayer-codecs, rlab,
roundup, sablecc, sablotron, sather, scli, scummvm, sdcc, SDL_mixer,
seahorse, sendfile, sendmail, sendmail811, simh, sirius, skkinput,
snortsnarf, socks4, spamassassin, squid, stalin, STk, subversion,
sudo, sun-jdk13, sun-jre13, suse_base, suse_devel, suse_freetype2,
suse_libpng, swfdec, sylpheed, texi2html, tinyproxy, tripwire, unrar,
vm, vmware3, vsftpd, w3m, wdm, wistumbler, wmakerconf, wmthemes, wmx,
wmx-gnome, wol, wxGTK, xdialog, xdvipresent, xemacs-current,
xlockmore, xmame, xmess, xscreensaver, xscreensaver-gnome, zenicb,
zope25-ExternalEditor, and zope25-ZWiki.

For those of you with newer PC motherboards, you can now play an
interesting game called "How hot is that application?".  Simply run
xmbmon (pkgsrc/sysutils/xmbmon), and observe the temperature as the
package is compiled.  I know that Perl gets 2 degrees on my old 1GHz
PIII. I apportion that as 1 degree dynamic, 1 degree static.

The Package of The Month award is a joint one this month:

(a) to mozilla and mplayer, nominated by myself, for letting me listen
to internet radio stations of my choice from NetBSD.  My family thank
the people who made this all possible.  I am beginning to suspect that
my family do not appreciate the same type of music as me.  Where did I
go wrong?

(b) x2x, (pkgsrc/x11/x2x), nominated by Aaron J. Grier, who writes:
"being able to warp input devices (mouse and keyboard) between
two different machines on two different architectures (sparc and
alpha) both running non-xfree86 X servers is just too cool.  my
fiance makes fun of me for keeping old monitors around, but now I
can put them to use.  who needs virtual desktops when you can have
multiple real ones?  :)"

and, finally,

(c) dovecot (pkgsrc/mail/dovecot), nominated by Erik Berls, who says:
"it's an IMAP server that fully supports virtual mailboxes that
don't require real accounts on the machine.  It supports both
mailbox and Maildir formats of storage, and integrates well
with postfix..  ie: it just solved a very real problem for me.."

Alistair Crooks
Tue Jun  3 20:17:01 BST 2003

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added adobeps-win-1.0.6 [jlam 2003-05-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Adobe PostScript MS Windows drivers for CUPS/Samba

	Added apr- [epg 2003-05-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Apache Portable Runtime

	Added BitTorrent-3.2.1b [drochner 2003-05-09]
Package URL:
Comment: file sharing tool

	Added Canna-server-3.6p3 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Kana-Kanji conversion system (server)

	Added celestia-1.3.0 [salo 2003-05-08]
Package URL:
Comment: Free real-time 3D space simulator

	Added celestia-gnome-1.3.0 [salo 2003-05-08]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME frontend for free real-time 3D space simulator

	Added celestia-kde-1.3.0 [salo 2003-05-08]
Package URL:
Comment: KDE frontend for free real-time 3D space simulator

	Added cmake-1.6.6 [dmcmahill 2003-05-07]
Package URL:
Comment: cross platform make

	Added crimsonfields-0.3.3 [wiz 2003-05-29]
Package URL:
Comment: tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle

	Added diffstat-1.33 [simonb 2003-05-16]
Package URL:
Comment: display a histogram of diff changes

	Added dovecot- [salo 2003-05-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Secure IMAP and POP3 server

	Added dvd+rw-tools- [dan 2003-05-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Tools for writing DVD+R[W] disks

	Added elf-0.5.3 [salo 2003-05-04]
Package URL:
Comment: ELF header analyzer

	Added elfsh-0.43b [mjl 2003-05-05]
Package URL:
Comment: ELF format exploration shell

	Added gnus-5.10.2 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Gnus is a flexible message reader running under GNU Emacs

	Added gnutls-0.8.7 [salo 2003-05-14]
Package URL:
Comment: GNU Transport Layer Security library

	Added golem-0.0.5 [salo 2003-05-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Fast and lightweight yet customizable window manager

	Added gtkglarea2-1.99.0 [drochner 2003-05-09]
Package URL:
Comment: OpenGL widget for the GTK+2 GUI toolkit

	Added icdprog-0.3 [tsarna 2003-05-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Microchip PIC programer using ICD hardware

	Added ja-dvi2tty-5.0 [itohy 2003-05-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Program for previewing DVI files (ASCII Japanese TeX)

	Added kmymoney2-0.5.1 [markd 2003-05-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Personal finance manager for kde3

	Added kochi-otf-0.018 [kei 2003-05-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Kochi-Mincho/Gothic scalable font in OpenType format

	Added libtasn1-0.2.4 [salo 2003-05-14]
Package URL:
Comment: ASN.1 structure parser library

	Added lpe-1.2.6 [salo 2003-05-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Small and efficient programmer's editor for UNIX systems

	Added mbmon-201 [agc 2003-05-28]
Package URL:
Comment: motherboard monitoring utility

	Added mozilla-bin-nightly [grant 2003-05-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Full featured gecko-based browser (nightly binary pkg)

	Added oo2c-2.0.8 [jtb 2003-05-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Optimizing Oberon-2 Compiler

	Added opencdk-0.4.5 [salo 2003-05-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Open Crypto Development Kit

	Added overnet-0.48.2 [grant 2003-05-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Peer-to-peer file sharing client (binary pkg)

	Added p5-HTTP-DAV [cyber 2003-05-03]
Package URL:
Comment: HTTP::DAV interface and 'dave'

	Added p5-MARC-1.15 [dmcmahill 2003-05-17]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for manipulating MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) data

	Added p5-Net-Z3950-0.32 [dmcmahill 2003-05-17]
Package URL:
Comment: perl interface to the Z39.50 information retrieval protocol

	Added p5-Set-Scalar-1.17 [dmcmahill 2003-05-17]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for basic set operations

	Added p5-Time-Period-1.20 [mjl 2003-05-15]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to deal with time periods

	Added phoenix-bin-acroread3-1.0 [kei 2003-05-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Acrobat Reader 3 plugin for phoenix-bin

	Added phoenix-bin-acroread5-1.0 [kei 2003-05-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Acrobat Reader 5 plugin for phoenix-bin

	Added ProjectCenter-0.3.2 [rh 2003-05-06]
Package URL:
Comment: GNUstep Integrated Developement Environment

	Added puf- [salo 2003-05-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Parallel URL fetcher

	Added py-gtk2-1.99.16 [drochner 2003-05-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Python bindings for GTK+2

	Added py-ORBit-1.99.4 [drochner 2003-05-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Python bindings for ORBit2

	Added pyslsk-1.2.0 [hubertf 2003-05-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Python based Soulseek client

	Added rtptools-1.18 [seb 2003-05-07]
Package URL:
Comment: tools for processing RTP data

	Added scli-0.2.12 [seb 2003-05-23]
Package URL:
Comment: SNMP command line interface

	Added SDLmm-0.1.8 [salo 2003-05-07]
Package URL:
Comment: C++ Wrapper for the Simple DirectMedia Layer

	Added sigrot-1.2 [jmmv 2003-05-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Signature file rotation program

	Added sirius-0.5.0 [jmmv 2003-05-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Othello game for GNOME2

	Added ssh2-nox11-3.2.2 [seb 2003-05-10]
Package URL:
Comment: Secure Shell client and server for V.2 SSH protocol without X11 support

	Added static-ast-ksh-20030422 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Statically-linked version of the official AT&T release of KornShell 93

	Added subversion-base-0.23.0 [epg 2003-05-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Version control system, base programs and libraries

	Added subversion-python-0.23.0 [epg 2003-05-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Python bindings and tools for Subversion

	Added swig-build-1.3.17 [epg 2003-05-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator, base build files

	Added swig-python-1.3.17 [epg 2003-05-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator, Python runtime

	Added utftools-1.6 [agc 2003-05-09]
Package URL:
Comment: UTF-aware wc, fmt, expand, and unexpand

	Added xmbmon-201 [agc 2003-05-28]
Package URL:
Comment: X11-based motherboard monitoring utility

	Added yabasic-2.722 [jtb 2003-05-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Yet another Basic for Unix and Windows

	Added yaz-2.0 [dmcmahill 2003-05-16]
Package URL:
Comment: C/C++ toolkit for the development of Z39.50v3/SRW clients and servers

Updates to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Lots of packages updated because of pth library major bump
		[wiz 2003-05-02]
	Updated acroread5 to 5.06nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-04]
	Updated acroread5 to 5.06nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-06]
	Updated acroread5 to 5.06nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-07]
	Updated aewm++ to 1.0.24 [salo 2003-05-16]
	Updated amaya to 8.0 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated anjuta to 1.0.1nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated ap-xslt to 1.1nb4 [grant 2003-05-26]
	Updated ap-xslt to 1.1nb5 [grant 2003-05-31]
	Updated ap2-subversion to 0.23.0 [epg 2003-05-25]
	Updated apache2 to 2.0.45nb1 [epg 2003-05-25]
	Updated apache2 to 2.0.46 [itojun 2003-05-29]
	Updated apr to [itojun 2003-05-29]
	Updated arts to 1.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated arts to 1.1.2nb1 [markd 2003-05-30]
	Updated ast-ksh to 2003-04-22 [uebayasi 2003-05-28]
	Updated audit-packages to 1.15 [seb 2003-05-21]
	Updated automake to 1.7.5 [wiz 2003-05-18]
	Updated bbkeys to 0.8.5nb1 [salo 2003-05-17]
	Updated bbkeys tp 0.8.6 [jschauma 2003-05-22]
	Updated bbpager to 0.3.1nb1 [salo 2003-05-17]
	Updated bitchx to [salo 2003-05-14]
	Updated blackbox to 0.65.0nb3 [salo 2003-05-17]
	Updated blender to 2.27 [jschauma 2003-05-28]
	Updated boehm-gc to 6.2alpha4 [jmmv 2003-05-09]
	Updated boehm-gc to 6.2alpha5 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated boolean to 6.4 [dmcmahill 2003-05-15]
	Updated bsetroot to 0.1nb3 [salo 2003-05-17]
	Updated bug-buddy to 2.2.0nb4 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated cadaver to 0.21.0nb2 [epg 2003-05-25]
	Updated Canna-dict to 3.6p3 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]
	Updated Canna-lib to 3.6p3 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]
	Updated Canna-server-bin to 3.6p3 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]
	Updated centericq to 4.9.2nb3 [uebayasi 2003-05-12]
	Updated cfengine2 to 2.0.7p3 [seb 2003-05-29]
	Updated cfengine2-doc to 2.0.7p3 [seb 2003-05-29]
	Updated cgoban-java to 2.4.60 [rh 2003-05-08]
	Updated cgoban-java to 2.4.61 [rh 2003-05-09]
	Updated chicken to 1.0 [seb 2003-05-21]
	Updated conserver to 7.2.7 [wiz 2003-05-22]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.41 [abs 2003-05-12]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.42 [abs 2003-05-29]
	Updated cssc to 0.15a.0 [seb 2003-05-30]
	Updated cue to 20030421 [itojun 2003-05-17]
	Updated cups to 1.1.19 [jlam 2003-05-28]
	Updated curl to 7.10.5 [wiz 2003-05-20]
	Updated cvsync to 0.20.1 [gehenna 2003-05-04]
	Updated cvsync to 0.20.2 [gehenna 2003-05-08]
	Updated cvsync to 0.21.0 [gehenna 2003-05-17]
	Updated cvsync to 0.21.1 [gehenna 2003-05-25]
	Updated cvsync to 0.22.0 [gehenna 2003-05-30]
	Updated cyrus-imapd to 2.1.13 [martti 2003-05-26]
	Updated cyrus-sasl to 2.1.13 [martti 2003-05-26]
	Updated denemo to 0.5.4nb3 [wiz 2003-05-03]
	Updated dia to 0.91 [drochner 2003-05-09]
	Updated dia to 0.91nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated dillo to 0.7.2 [salo 2003-05-06]
	Updated distcc to 2.0.1 [martti 2003-05-09]
	Updated distcc to 2.2 [martti 2003-05-09]
	Updated docbook-xsl to 1.61.2 [wiz 2003-05-27]
	Updated doxygen to 1.3 [martti 2003-05-09]
	Updated driftnet to 0.1.6nb2 [salo 2003-05-04]
	Updated dvd+rw-tools to [salo 2003-05-03]
	Updated easytag to 0.27.1 [wiz 2003-05-08]
	Updated easytag to 0.27.1nb1 [wiz 2003-05-23]
	Updated ee to 0.3.12nb5 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated eggdrop to 1.6.15 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated ekg to 1.0 [zuntum 2003-05-02]
	Updated elib to 1.0nb1 [seb 2003-05-04]
	Updated enlightenment to 0.16.4nb3 [salo 2003-05-25]
	Updated enscript to 1.6.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated etach to 1.2.9 [jschauma 2003-05-30]
	Updated etcupdate to 20030509 [martti 2003-05-09]
	Updated eterm to 0.9.2nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-08]
	Updated ethereal to 0.9.12 [salo 2003-05-05]
	Updated euler to 1.60.6nb2 [jtb 2003-05-10]
	Updated evolution to 1.2.4nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated exmh to 2.6.3 [agc 2003-05-12]
	Updated fam to 2.6.9nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-08]
	Updated fbdesk to 1.1.4 [jmmv 2003-05-31]
	Updated file-roller to 2.2.1nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated flow-tools to 0.66 [seb 2003-05-23]
	Updated fluxbox to 0.1.14nb2 [salo 2003-05-17]
	Updated fnlib to 0.5nb4 [salo 2003-05-25]
	Updated gaim to 0.63 [jmmv 2003-05-21]
	Updated gaim to 0.64 [jmmv 2003-05-31]
	Updated gale to 0.99anb2 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated galeon to 1.2.10nb2 [taya 2003-05-23]
	Updated gauche to 0.6.3nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated gcc to 2.95.3nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-02]
	Updated gcc to 2.95.3nb2 [grant 2003-05-27]
	Updated gcc to 3.2.2nb2 [wiz 2003-05-22]
	Updated gcc3 to 3.2.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-02]
	Updated gcc3 to 3.3 [grant 2003-05-25]
	Updated gedit to 2.2.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated ghostscript-esp to 7.05.6 [jlam 2003-05-28]
	Updated ghostscript-esp-nox11 to 7.05.6 [jlam 2003-05-28]
	Updated gimp to 1.2.4 [salo 2003-05-23]
	Updated gimp-base to 1.2.4 [salo 2003-05-23]
	Updated giram to 0.3.5 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated glade2 to 2.0.0nb2 [wiz 2003-05-22]
	Updated gmc to 4.5.51nb4 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gmplayer to 0.90nb2 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated gmplayer to 0.90nb3 [dan 2003-05-25]
	Updated gnet to 2.0.2 [wiz 2003-05-07]
	Updated gnet to 2.0.3 [wiz 2003-05-15]
	Updated gnome-chess to 0.3.3nb7 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-dirs to 1.2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-games to [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-libs to [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-media to 1.2.3nb7 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-mime-data to 2.2.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-25]
	Updated gnome-mime-data to 2.2.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-pilot to 0.1.71nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-pim to 1.4.6nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome-utils to [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome1-dirs to 1.2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome2-dirs to 1.2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnome2-games to 2.2.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated gnome2-games to 2.2.1nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnucash to 1.8.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnumeric to 1.0.13nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnumeric0 to 0.75nb7 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated gnupg to 1.2.2 [taca 2003-05-05]
	Updated gnustep-preferences to 1.2.0nb4 [rh 2003-05-06]
	Updated golem to 0.0.5nb1 [abs 2003-05-18]
	Updated gpc to 2.1nb1 [wiz 2003-05-10]
	Updated gperiodic to 2.0.4 [jtb 2003-05-09]
	Updated graphopt to 0.4 [wiz 2003-05-07]
	Updated graphopt to 0.4.1 [wiz 2003-05-07]
	Updated groff to 1.19 [wiz 2003-05-07]
	Updated groff to 1.19nb1 [wiz 2003-05-15]
	Updated gtetrinet to 0.7.1 [jmmv 2003-05-27]
	Updated gtkstep to 1.10nb2 [wiz 2003-05-03]
	Updated gzip to 1.2.4anb1 [salo 2003-05-28]
	Updated gzip-base to 1.2.4anb1 [salo 2003-05-28]
	Updated hdf5 to [jtb 2003-05-09]
	Updated hugs98 to 200112nb1 [jtb 2003-05-04]
	Updated icewm to 1.2.0nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-03]
	Updated icewm-gnome to 1.2.0nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-03]
	Updated inn to 2.3.5 [tron 2003-05-13]
	Updated ipa to 1.3.4 [salo 2003-05-30]
	Updated irrd to 2.1.5 [kim 2003-05-10]
	Updated ja-samba to [taca 2003-05-27]
	Updated kde3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-af to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ar to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-bg to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-bs to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ca to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-cs to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-da to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-de to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-el to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-en_GB to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-eo to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-es to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-et to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-eu to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fa to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fi to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fr to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-he to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-hu to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-it to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ja to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-lt to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-mt to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nb to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nl to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nn to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nso to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pl to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pt to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pt_BR to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ro to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ru to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sk to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sl to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sr to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sv to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ta to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-th to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-tr to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-uk to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ven to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-vi to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-xh to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zh_CN to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zh_TW to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zu to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdeaddons3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdeadmin3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdeartwork3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdebase3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdeedu3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdegames3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdegraphics to 3.1.1nb6 [markd 2003-05-05]
	Updated kdegraphics3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdelibdocs3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdelibs3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdemultimedia3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdenetwork3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdepim3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdesdk3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdetoys3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kdeutils3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated kochi-cidfonts to 0.018 [kei 2003-05-14]
	Updated larswm to 7.2.10 [salo 2003-05-16]
	Updated ldapsdk to 12311998nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated leafnode to 1.9.38 [cjep 2003-05-03]
	Updated leafnode to 1.9.39 [cjep 2003-05-05]
	Updated lib3ds to 1.2.0nb2 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated libdnet to 1.7 [seb 2003-05-02]
	Updated libgcrypt to 1.1.12 [salo 2003-05-13]
	Updated libgnome to 2.2.1 [jmmv 2003-05-25]
	Updated libgnomedb to 0.10.0nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated libsndfile to 1.0.5 [wiz 2003-05-23]
	Updated libwnck to 2.2.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated libxml2 to 2.5.7 [wiz 2003-05-08]
	Updated libxslt to 1.0.30 [wiz 2003-05-20]
	Updated links to [wiz 2003-05-21]
	Updated links to [wiz 2003-05-24]
	Updated links-gui to [wiz 2003-05-21]
	Updated links-gui to [wiz 2003-05-24]
	Updated lmule to 1.2.0 [jmmv 2003-05-05]
	Updated lmule to 1.2.1 [jmmv 2003-05-09]
	Updated lmule to 1.2.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-24]
	Updated logcheck to 1.1.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated lv to 4.49.5 [itojun 2003-05-14]
	Updated lyx-qt to 1.3.2 [martti 2003-05-09]
	Updated lyx-xforms to 1.3.2 [martti 2003-05-09]
	Updated lzop to 1.01 [wiz 2003-05-08]
	Updated mailserv to 3.29 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated mailwrapper to 19990412nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated mc to 4.5.51nb2 [salo 2003-05-22]
	Updated mencoder to 0.90nb2 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated mencoder to 0.90nb3 [dan 2003-05-25]
	Updated mercury to 0.11.0 [jtb 2003-05-02]
	Updated mergeant to 0.10.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated Mesa to 5.0.1 [drochner 2003-05-10]
	Updated mini_sendmail to 1.3.2nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-07]
	Updated mldonkey to 2.4.0 [wiz 2003-05-19]
	Updated mldonkey to 2.5.0 [wiz 2003-05-26]
	Updated mldonkey to 2.5.0nb1 [wiz 2003-05-28]
	Updated mono to 0.24 [jmmv 2003-05-09]
	Updated mono to 0.24nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated moz-flash to 1.0nb4 [salo 2003-05-23]
	Updated moz-mplayer to 0.80 [salo 2003-05-23]
	Updated mozilla to 1.3.1 [taya 2003-05-22]
	Updated mozilla-stable to 1.0.2nb4 [taya 2003-05-23]
	Updated mplayer to 0.90nb2 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated mplayer to 0.90nb3 [dan 2003-05-25]
	Updated mplayer-share to 0.90nb2 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated mrproject to 0.5.1nb5 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated mtools to 3.9.7nb2 [salo 2003-05-22]
	Updated mtr to 0.54 [wiz 2003-05-23]
	Updated mtr-gtk to 0.54 [wiz 2003-05-23]
	Updated multitail to 2.4 [jmc 2003-05-12]
	Updated namazu2 to 2.0.12nb2 [taca 2003-05-25]
	Updated nautilus to [rh 2003-05-04]
	Updated neon to 0.23.9 [drochner 2003-05-09]
	Updated neon to 0.23.9nb1 [epg 2003-05-25]
	Updated netsaint-base to 0.0.7nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated newscache to 0.99.17nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-02]
	Updated nsca to 1.1.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated nxtvepg to 2.5.1 [magick 2003-05-17]
	Updated ogmtools to 1.0.2 [wiz 2003-05-07]
	Updated ogmtools to 1.0.3 [wiz 2003-05-23]
	Updated oo2c to 2.0.9 [jtb 2003-05-17]
	Updated oo2c to 2.0.9nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated openc++ to 2.5.12nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated opencm to 0.1.2rc4nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated openslp to 1.0.11 [jlam 2003-05-27]
	Updated opera7 to 7.11 [jdolecek 2003-05-23]
	Updated opera7 to 7.11beta2 [jdolecek 2003-05-16]
	Updated ORBit2 to 2.6.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-08]
	Updated oregano to 0.20nb6 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated p5-Config-General to 2.19 [mjl 2003-05-14]
	Updated p5-Date-Manip to 5.40 [mjl 2003-05-19]
	Updated p5-DBI to 1.37 [mjl 2003-05-30]
	Updated p5-IO-Socket-SSL to 0.92 [heinz 2003-05-25]
	Updated p5-MIME-Base64 to 2.20 [mjl 2003-05-30]
	Updated p5-SDL to 1.19.2nb3 [salo 2003-05-06]
	Updated p5-Time-HiRes to 1.47 [wiz 2003-05-22]
	Updated p5-XML-DOM to 1.42 [mjl 2003-05-19]
	Updated p5-XML-Simple to 2.07 [mjl 2003-05-24]
	Updated p5-XML-XQL to 0.68 [mjl 2003-05-19]
	Updated pan to 0.14.0 [wiz 2003-05-09]
	Updated perl5 to 5.6.1nb8 [jlam 2003-05-27]
	Updated perl58 to 5.8.0nb1 [jlam 2003-05-27]
	Updated pgpdump to 0.18 [yyamano 2003-05-20]
	Updated phoenix to 0.6 [taya 2003-05-22]
	Updated phoenix to 0.6nb1 [taya 2003-05-23]
	Updated phoenix-bin to 0.6 [grant 2003-05-17]
	Updated phoenix-bin-acroread to 1.0nb1 [kei 2003-05-07]
	Updated phoenix-bin-acroread to 1.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-24]
	Updated phoenix-bin-acroread3 to 1.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-24]
	Updated phoenix-bin-acroread5 to 1.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-24]
	Updated phoenix-bin-flash to 6.0.79nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-24]
	Updated phoenix-bin-java to 1.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-24]
	Updated phoenix-bin-realplayer to 1.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-24]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.36 [abs 2003-05-22]
	Updated pkgdiff to 0.109 [seb 2003-05-28]
	Updated pkglint to 3.54 [wiz 2003-05-27]
	Updated portsentry to 1.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.10 [taca 2003-05-25]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.9nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated pstoedit to 3.31nb1 [seb 2003-05-06]
	Updated pstree to 2.19 [mjl 2003-05-30]
	Updated pth to 2.0.0 [skrll 2003-05-02]
	Updated puzzle to 5.1 [jtb 2003-05-10]
	Updated py-wxWindows to [drochner 2003-05-09]
	Updated quanta3 to 3.1.2 [markd 2003-05-22]
	Updated radiusd-cistron to 1.6.6nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated realplayer-codecs to 8nb2 [salo 2003-05-24]
	Updated rlab to 2.1.05nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated roundup to 0.5.7 [lukem 2003-05-18]
	Updated sablecc to 2.16.2nb1 [wiz 2003-05-05]
	Updated sablotron to 0.96nb1 [grant 2003-05-27]
	Updated sather to 1.2.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated scli to 0.2.12nb1 [seb 2003-05-25]
	Updated scummvm to 0.4.0 [wiz 2003-05-13]
	Updated scummvm to 0.4.1 [wiz 2003-05-27]
	Updated sdcc to 2.2.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated SDL_mixer to 1.2.5 [salo 2003-05-11]
	Updated seahorse to 0.7.1 [jmmv 2003-05-27]
	Updated seahorse to 0.7.3 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated seahorse to 0.7.3nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-30]
	Updated sendfile to [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated sendmail to 8.12.9nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated sendmail811 to 8.11.6nb4 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated simh to 2.10.4nb1 [thorpej 2003-05-31]
	Updated sirius to 0.6.0 [jmmv 2003-05-28]
	Updated skkinput to 2.06.3 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]
	Updated snortsnarf to 20021111.1 [salo 2003-05-13]
	Updated socks4 to 2.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated spamassassin to 2.55 [abs 2003-05-22]
	Updated squid to 2.5.2nb3 [taca 2003-05-09]
	Updated squid to 2.5.2nb4 [taca 2003-05-24]
	Updated squid to 2.5.3 [taca 2003-05-25]
	Updated stalin to 0.9nb2 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated STk to 4.0.1 [jtb 2003-05-09]
	Updated subversion to 0.23.0 [epg 2003-05-25]
	Updated sudo to [wiz 2003-05-09]
	Updated sun-jdk13 to 1.0.8nb1 [abs 2003-05-02]
	Updated sun-jre13 to 1.0.8nb1 [abs 2003-05-02]
	Updated suse_base to 7.3nb4 [taca 2003-05-30]
	Updated suse_devel to 7.3nb2 [taca 2003-05-30]
	Updated suse_freetype2 to 7.3nb1 [taca 2003-05-30]
	Updated suse_libpng to 7.3nb1 [taca 2003-05-25]
	Updated swfdec to 0.2.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.9.0 [chris 2003-05-26]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.9.1 [chris 2003-05-30]
	Updated texi2html to 1.64nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-08]
	Updated tinyproxy to 1.5.3 [salo 2003-05-09]
	Updated tripwire to 1.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-01]
	Updated unrar to 3.2.1 [wiz 2003-05-08]
	Updated unrar to 3.2.1nb1 [salo 2003-05-11]
	Updated unrar to 3.2.2 [wiz 2003-05-20]
	Updated vm to 7.15 [jtb 2003-05-17]
	Updated vmware3 to 3.2.1 [jdolecek 2003-05-01]
	Updated vsftpd to 1.1.3 [salo 2003-05-09]
	Updated vsftpd to 1.2.0 [salo 2003-05-29]
	Updated w3m to 0.4nb1 [jmmv 2003-05-22]
	Updated wdm to 1.23 [jmmv 2003-05-06]
	Updated wistumbler to 20020816.0 [itojun 2003-05-08]
	Updated wmakerconf to 2.8.1nb3 [jmmv 2003-05-06]
	Updated wmthemes to 0.80.0 [jmmv 2003-05-08]
	Updated wmx to 6.0nb1 [fredb 2003-05-05]
	Updated wmx-gnome to 6.0nb1 [fredb 2003-05-05]
	Updated wol to 0.6.0nb1 [seb 2003-05-07]
	Updated wxGTK to 2.4.0nb2 [martin 2003-05-16]
	Updated xdialog to 1.4.6nb2 [wiz 2003-05-05]
	Updated xdialog to 2.0.6 [salo 2003-05-13]
	Updated xdialog to 2.1.1 [salo 2003-05-14]
	Updated xdvipresent to [jschauma 2003-05-22]
	Updated xemacs-current to 21.5.12 [magick 2003-05-03]
	Updated xemacs-current to 21.5.13 [magick 2003-05-16]
	Updated xlockmore to 5.08 [hubertf 2003-05-07]
	Updated xlockmore to 5.08.1 [hubertf 2003-05-09]
	Updated xmame to 0.68.1 [kristerw 2003-05-23]
	Updated xmame to 0.69.1 [kristerw 2003-05-27]
	Updated xmess to 0.68.1 [kristerw 2003-05-23]
	Updated xmess to 0.69.1 [kristerw 2003-05-27]
	Updated xscreensaver to 4.10 [wiz 2003-05-23]
	Updated xscreensaver-gnome to 4.10 [wiz 2003-05-23]
	Updated zenicb to 19981202nb1 [uebayasi 2003-05-24]
	Updated zope25-ExternalEditor to 0.7 [drochner 2003-05-09]
	Updated zope25-ZWiki to 0.18.0 [drochner 2003-05-09]

Other Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed apr-devel [epg 2003-05-25]
	Removed Canna-server-3.6.1 [uebayasi 2003-05-31]