Subject: prozilla
To: None <>
From: Pedro de Oliveira <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/02/2003 02:59:27
hello, i know that i shouldnt be mailing here for this kind of question,
but i didnt knew where could i get some help, cause no one was capable to
help me. so here is the problem:

im trying to compile a great program, Prozilla
( its a console based download accelerator.
but im having this problem running configure:

checking for pthread_create in -lpthread... no
configure: error: ** The pthread library is not installed.**

but i think that i have what it requires isnt this pthread the pth package
on pkgsrc ? if it is i have it installed, because glib (which is a library
required by irssi) required that pth.

please see if anyone can help me, cause i really dont know what to do.

Thanks in advance,
Pedro de Oliveira

P.S.: Sorry again for posting here :-)