Subject: Re: doc/STATUS
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/26/2003 10:11:11
Jan Schaumann wrote:

> So the list of packages you see are, in a way, a requirement for a
> platform to be labeled 'supported'.
> For 'fully supported' more difficult packages are listed etc.
> Does that clarify things for you?

Yes, it's much clearer now for me :-). Now I even remember the
discussion about how to determine the status of pkgsrc on various
platforms but I didn't make the right connection between this and the
contents of STATUS.

There's still something I'd like to know:

  'You are strongly encouraged to add leaf packages which are known to
   build on certain platforms.'

Do I understand it correctly, that the 'fully supported' table is rather
static with regard to adding packages?
Is the 'supported' table supposed to become a complete list of leaf
packages? If not, how should we determine which packages to add to that

For a specific example, I had considered adding spamassassin-253 and
p5-razor-agents-2.22 (used on NetBSD and tested on Solaris).