Subject: Re: doc/STATUS
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/24/2003 20:45:20
Klaus Heinz <> wrote:

> I am confused by the contents of pkgsrc/doc/STATUS.
> It first explains what 'supported' and 'fully supported' for pkgsrc on a
> platform means but in the following tables those categories seem to
> refer to single packages on different platforms.
> What is the difference between 'supported' and 'fully supported' for
> packages, eg audio/mpg123 (supported) and audio/xmms (fully supported)
> on Solaris?

I agree that this may be confusing, and the current notation does not
help.  Here is what I had in mind:  a platform is considered to be
'supported' if all the packages listed in the first table build,
install, run and uninstall without problems.  Initially I had it look
like this:

Package		Platform A	Platform B ...
abc		X			Y
supported:	Y			N

The packages listed in this category pull in all the basic packages
needed for non-trivial-but-not-too-complicated environment, so if all
are fine, the platform is 'supported'.

So the list of packages you see are, in a way, a requirement for a
platform to be labeled 'supported'.

For 'fully supported' more difficult packages are listed etc.

Does that clarify things for you?