Subject: net/samba RCD_SCRIPTS ?
To: None <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/18/2003 00:24:39
An up to date net/samba doesn't install
/usr/pkg/etc/rc.d/{smbd|nmbd|samba} on a system of mine.

net/samba/Makefile includes RCD_SCRIPTS = samba nmbd smbd

The Makefile also .include "../../mk/"

However, RCD_SCRIPTS is defined in and that is not
included (directly, or indirectly, as far as I can tell).

Therefore the RCD_SCRIPTS variable is ignored.

Adding an include for worked, but with lots of errors
(duplicate script for target "pre-install-script" ignored, etc).

What is the correct fix?

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